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Ultra Pink, Pinky Origional, Juke Box and then with Ultra Man, Raj has institutionalized fashion apporaches to identify, target and reflect the market towards quality conscious and well informed customers.

Shift In Consumer Preferences

During the early eighties, 'Made in India' meant inexpensive, basic skirts, shirt and blouses which heaped the lower end of departmental stores in the U.S. In these years we saw a major shift in consumer preferences for natural fibres as a replacement for man made fibres. This shift prompted the company to commence importing 100% cotton especially designed and merchandised for the junior sportswear market.

In I986 Ultra Pink brought in that freshness and implementation of new design ideas that led to continuous experimentation with an ever changing market.


Raj - A great team leader

Set in the heart of New York City's fashion market is the flagship of a growing fleet of low-keyed, elegant three custom built showrooms, each depicts its own ideology. Through its doors come every buyer from country's department store, chain & speciality stores... all of them intent on sampling the quality, workmanship and innovative designs.

Raj planned it that way. He's the man who built this establishment.

When I think of Mr. Raj, I tend to imagine him standing in the middle of his team players. Handsome, tall, well-built, dark eyed, he normally wears a dark colored-suit and a distinctive tie, looking very much like an Indian noble man.


Raj, President, PINKY/ULTRA PINK group began his career in the garment industry in 1974. He is a selfmade individual and a strong leader who continues to fuel the drive towards commitment to achieve his corporate objectives and goals. With his unique leadership style, the company has acquired a place of prominence among retail establishments throughout United States. He is an entrepreneur who's made it big in the industry with aggressive marketing, well -targeted products and a team of professionals. His institutional approaches are reflected in the assembly of the most talented team of professionals in this trade.

He laid the foundations of Pinky Originals, Inc. in 1977. At that time, the company's purpose was to identify, target and market to fashion oriented, quality conscious and well informed customers. During early 80's, 'made in India' meant an inexpensive, basic skirts, shirt and blouses which heaped in the lower-end of department stores in U.S. During these years, there was a major in consumer preference for natural fibers as a replacement for man made fibers. This shift prompted the company to commence the importation of 100% cotton garments especially designed and merchandised for junior Sportswear Market. Junior Sportswear remains a singular category of garments embodying the most dynamic design concepts. With gradual improvements in its designing and merchandising techniques, the company has been successful in introducing new variations of cotton including 100% knits and woven products. As a matter of fact, he became the first and foremost importers who began experimenting with 100% cotton knits form India in 1986.

According to Raj, "Profits lie equally in cost control as in sales. One has to keep improving the bottom line, by controlling the expenses and restructuring the working team to consistently review and adjust corporate objectives and goals." Participative management is very important to him, to strive towards group commitments and fresher ideas.



Ultra Pink came into existence in 1986 mainly due to the obscurities in the better junior sportswear market.

The market had lost its identity and the retail establishment was on the lookout for a resource which could supplement the revitalization of this segment of the industry's market place. “We stormed the market with the boldness and daring that swept retailers off their feet. before they permanently fell in love with what turned out to be the hottest label in the market."

Ultra Pink became Raj's dream come true and put him in a bracket which no one else could touch.

The criteria for this special resource was to bring a line which reflected freshness, implementation of new design ideas, experimentation with new fabric and fabric blends, and above all be competitive to attract a unique cross section of consumers.

Ultra Pink was launched with an initiative and obligation to derive its marketing strengths from the uniqueness of its designs and the cost-effectiveness of the product which made our lines more interesting for the retailers all across the United States. From our first preview of the line, the retailers were taken aback by the quality and the workmanship involved with the transformation of intricate design work on combinations of fabrics. At once Ultra Pink became the hottest brand in the market.

Since that initiation in the fraternity of name brand labels, Ultra Pink has continued to surprise the retail establishment by the collections it has presented to the market. It gave new moulds to the old established norms in the fashion industry. It supplemented a tradition rich enough for the marketplace to follow and it established a new phenomena towards recognition and identity.

Derene Gorman, Design Director of Ultra Pink, named several reasons for the current popularity of T-shirts. “They’re a way to communicate. You can tell a lot about a person by what kind of T-shirt they wear.” she said.

Price is also an important factor. She said some of the junior customers by two T-shirts at a time. Kids are into casual dressing and the price point doesn’t hurt the sale. For the volume price that they are, it’s a good bargain. The T-shirts aren’t so expensive and they are not going to bust anyone’s budget.


And, Ultra Pink T-shirts, according to Gorman, have all the right ingredients, “They are creative. T-shirts are like canvasses for us. We have a humorous and a energetic sense about our lines. We do a lot of things to a T-shirt.”

Ultra Pink offers all the T-shirts that feature trim, patches, embroidery, printing and beads on solid or striped cotton long or short sleeve tops. Each group has a theme such as Gorman’s Ultra Pink Diet T-shirts for early spring. This particular group displays foods like grapefruit at 40 calories and ice cream at 30 calories.

Since 1989, there has been a drive towards seeking new avenues to reach out to customers on a global level that has prompted us to engage in licensing agreements with reputed organizations all over Asia, Europe, Canada, and Latin America. Our purpose behind this attempt has been to diversify the concentrated talents of our team on an international level while providing the end consumer with a product which represents quality and an ultimate value.

With our new philosophy behind the internationalization of Ultra Pink, we were all geared  up to propel ourselves into the decade of the 2000's with a series of new ideas which  reflected the image of the company on a global scale. Our ideas coupled with the up-to-date design inputs, possess capabilities more tailored towards an international cross segment of the market which has remained unexplored.

Ultra Pink has set up several shop in shops throughout the country at leading retail stores like Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s East and Carson Pirie Scott stores. Ultra Pink launched an MTV ad with the hottest TV Star Michael Damian of Young and Restless fame. Also associated with Starbright Foundation in fulfilling the wishes of those who have not enough time to live.

A look back at our track, therefore, is an evolutionary process with re-introduction of Ultra Pink in the international marketplace. Also, our past reassures us of our future and we remain committed in our drive to surpass those standards on which success is evaluated.

A further endeavor in the direction of expansion & diversification is Ultrapink’s launch in the Digital World via cutting-edge technology, Mobile App, extensive marketing strategies on E-Commerce & Online Marketplaces, and Social Media to reach out and engage directly with our target audience. A series of new ideas are on the verge of implementation which would further reflect the image of the company on a global scale.

SHOWROOM: 1410 Broadway, Suite #1804, New York, NY 10018


PHONE: 1.212.869.3150

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